NRD is a brand created by two friends, Sol Mirabella Nasif and Jon Gómez de la Peña, who, in a quest to have some fun creating something new, have deep-dived into the waters of anime inspired clothing.


We have created a series of capsule collections available for limited periods, using lycra, velvet and sheet fabric that fits your body and its natural traits with such perfection, it feels like an armour from your favourite manga or videogame, but ready to wear in an urban setting.


To achieve this, we have worked hard in all new patterns from scratch, creating unique items with one goal: to free your image from the concept that you have to dress in a serious, conventional or inhibited manner. If you are already free from these ancient social constructs and strive to find clothes that feel more fun, sexually liberated and body positive, we’re your cup of tea. Or coffee.


We want to become your unique tool for self-expression, throwing caution and shame to the wind. We give you our capsule collections: not lingerie, not sportswear, not clubwear but all the above and more.


Get in this robot babes, and get ready to slay those angels in style.